Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Marketing isn’t rocket science – but it isn’t finger-painting either.


Clients often come to us when they hit that “I’m completely overwhelmed” feeling. Can’t these media reps stop calling me? How do I manage my brand? Is TV worth it? Is print dead? How should I respond to online reviews? Do I really need both Facebook and a website? I barely have time to run my business – how am I supposed to spend hours a day on social media??


The truth is, you’re an expert in your field – you don’t have to be a marketing expert too. That’s where we come in!


At Melissa Barber Marketing, we take marketing personally and seriously (but with a healthy sense of humor). We believe your marketing strategy should be a blend of creativity and data-driven decisions, not a “jump on the band wagon” reactive stance. Just because there’s a hot new social media site doesn’t mean it’s right for you and your brand.


We offer a personal, targeted approach that encompasses you, your company, your values, your markets (both current and ideal) and your goals together as unique aspects of a whole.


We listen, first and foremost. We listen to what you want. We research what you’ve done. We discover where you want to go. And then we work with you on an integrated plan to get there – as painlessly as possible.


We’re firm believers in the power of organization. You’ll see agendas at our meetings, monthly advertising calendars, annual plans and sometimes even color-coded spreadsheets if we’re feeling sassy.


Sound like the type of help you’re looking for? Let’s talk!

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